Our Curriculum Intent

Our school values are at the heart of our curriculum.

In order to meet the needs of every child in our school, our curriculum is inclusive, ambitious and ensures all can flourish and achieve.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure children have a wide range of enriching opportunities that bring the National Curriculum to life.

Throughout the curriculum, children are engaged in learning that is purposeful and relevant to them, identifying further opportunities for individuals to deepen and embed their learning.

We develop learners who support, listen and challenge each other, are able to articulate their views and opinions confidently, continually developing a wide ranging vocabulary. Knowledge and skills are built on firm foundations and learning is sequential to enable pupils to see links across the curriculum.

We aim to equip learners with the knowledge and life skills they need to succeed.

Early Reading and Phonics

At St Edward’s, children are taught to read and write through a systematic synthetic phonics approach. In line with the government’s requirement that all schools follow a validated phonics provider, we follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Phonics Programme. Our phonics progression is available to read here: Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Progression 

Our Phonics and Early Reading Policy is available here: Phonics and Early Reading Policy

Parent Supporthttps://www.littlewandlelettersandsounds.org.uk/resources/for-parents/

Reading and Writing

Once children are proficient readers, they are taught the vital wider skills of reading through high quality whole class reading lessons. Across Key Stage 2 there is a planned and sequencial reading curriculum that is taught to all pupils. To support the teaching of these skills at home, children use the Accelerated Reading programme which tracks their comprehension of texts though an online quiz system. Children are encouraged to develop a love of reading and have the opportunity to read a wide selection of books – fiction and non-fiction – from a wide and diverse range of authors.

In writing, teachers follow a progression map for writing which includes the elements of composition, grammar, spelling and spoken language.


At St Edward’s all teachers follow a progression map for maths from White Rose which breaks the National Curriculum down into small achievable steps. It begins with the objectives set for EYFS, and then shows clear progression through to Year 6. The areas of learning are split into:

  • Number and Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Measures, Shape and Space, Statistics & Ratio

Teachers ensure that the key elements of maths are taught and practiced regularly. These are:

  • Fluency
  • Reasoning mathematically
  • Problem solving

Curriculum Progression in Foundation Subjects

Children are taught science, history, geography, music, art, design and technology, PE, RE, PSHE and French (in KS2) across the year. A curriculum map is followed by teachers which ensures that the key skills in each subject are taught and that progression in learning and end points they are aiming towards are clear. EYFS has a specially designed curriculum, closely aligned to ‘Development Matters’ and provides an enriching environment where children can fully develop their own interests alongside the characteristics of effective learning. Subject leaders also ensure that there are a range of opportunities throughout the year for children to develop cultural capital.

All Subjects Long Term Plan

This is just an overview of the sequence and progression of our curriculum. Should you wish a more detailed breakdown on our curriculum planning, please contact the office.

We also ensure that our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education provides the children with opportunities throughout the year to celebrate different aspects of life. A calendar outlining these opportunities can be found here:

SMSC Calendar

If you would like further information about the curriculum, please contact Mrs Lacey.