St Edwards C of E Primary School

Homework Expectations

Here at St Edward’s we value the time that parents spend at home supporting their children’s learning. One way they can reinforce the learning that goes on in school is to provide regular time to complete homework tasks.

Foundation Stage children are to asked to read regularly and practice their sounds and words books. Later in the year they will have a practice book to develop different skills. Most importantly, we ask that parents share bedtime stories with their child and talk, talk, talk…

Year 1 and Year 2 children are expected to read each night and practice reading and spelling key high frequency words. The focus of reading books at this stage is a combination of decoding the words on the page whilst also understanding the text. For maths, children need to learn the addition and subtraction facts for each number up to 20. This needs to be repeated regularly to ensure facts are fluent. By the end of Year 2, times tables will be introduced and children will have these to learn each week.

By Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children are still expected to read each night although increasingly they will read alone and then ideally discuss their reading with parents. Comprehension and inference of texts is the key to learning by this stage, although some children will still be working on decoding increasingly more difficult words. The children also will be working through key spellings for each year group and ensuring not only that they can spell them but that they can use them in context in the writing they do in school. In maths, children will be learning times tables and National Expectations state that children need to be fluent knowing facts up to 12×12 by the end of year 4. They will also receive a maths task each week to complete.

In addition to this, if your child would like further practice on the skills they are learning at school then if you visit the following websites, there are a range of games that they can play to reinforce learning:

Spelling Frame (For KS2)


Maths Games KS1

English Games KS1

BBC Maths KS1

BBC Maths KS2

BBC English KS2