The OFSTED reports for schools across the country give information to parents that helps them to choose the best school for their children.

OFSTED visited our school in November 2022 and their judgement was that we continue to be a good school.

Some of their comments included:

‘Pupils are proud to be part of St Edward’s Church of England Primary School. They list the many things they love about their school: the teachers, the clubs, the ‘gem jar’ treats and the kindness of everyone.’

‘Pupils are well behaved. In lessons, they listen intently to their teachers. They concentrate hard and help each other with their work. No learning time is lost due to poor behaviour.’

‘Leaders have high expectations of pupils both academically and personally. The school’s values are at the heart of this work. Pupils know these values well. They understand how they impact on the day-to-day life of the school. For example, the value of love means that they should treat everyone well. Everyone is accepted in this inclusive school.’

To view the latest report please click the link below which will take you to the OFSTED website from which you can download the latest and past reports for our school.