Parents’ Forum

We hold a Parents’ Forum at least once a term. All parents are welcome to the meetings where we discuss a range of topics. Recent topics have included the new maths curriculum, how parents can keep their children safer on-line, and also our school homework policy. We hold a termly coffee afternoon for parents of children with Special Educational Needs where current provision is discussed and a variety of themes are discussed.

November Meeting

Thanks to all who attended our parent forums. They worked really well remotely and this will be the way we will continue to run meetings next term. We shared our Sex and Relationships Policy and also received feedback about our remote learning:

What’s Working Well

  • Home learning for Years 3, 5 and 6 who have had two weeks this half term was ‘way better’ than it was in summer term
  • Content ‘challenging’, ‘sufficient’ yet ‘not over whelming’
  • Children could ‘see the challenge’ in work set
  • Parents appreciative of the work sent home and responses from teachers
  • One parent again reiterated their thanks for what the teachers had put in place but also said the most important thing was that their child was happy – and they are. Another parent said how their child had been anxious at the beginning of term but due to the school’s way of keeping the children safe, her anxieties had reduced.
  • Happy with how FS and KS1 work over lockdown was delivered.

Ideas for improvement

  • Some sort of social get together virtually for the class so they could see friends. One parent said she realised why the live stream had been turned off but it had stopped the interaction between the children (We have since trialed a google meet  with our Year 5s who were at home and this will be something we can now roll out to other classes).
  • One parent said that a ‘broad brush’ of acknowledgement of the child’s work would be helpful (Most teachers are doing this and where it’s not happening, I have fed that back).
  • Ask KS2 teachers to add doing TTRS and AR onto the daily list of jobs as some parents felt their child’s thoughts were that if it wasn’t on the list then it didn’t need doing! (This is an easy fix for us).
  • For KS1 to have the explanation more detailed of what the child needed to do (one parent’s comment)
  • For KS1 to have contact from the teacher so that the child heard it from the teacher as ‘mum asking’ didn’t work. (Both of these points should be easy to do, so watch this space)
  • For those years who have been off to have some ‘catch up’ friend time when they return to school (This is a very easy one to do).

If parents have any topics that they would like to see discussed at the next Parents’ Forum, please contact Mrs Lacey.